New Age Readymade Door Frames and Wooden Doors from World Leader in India

Skin Moulded Doors

Wooden doors have been an integral part of any structure since the beginning of construction in human civilization. In India things revolutionized by a change in the way wooden doors are made and used in the buildings from 2010, the year S M Corporation entered into an exclusive tie-up with Masonite International the World’s leading manufacturer of interior and exterior doors and readymade door frames having a global business with USD 3 billion and over 50 world-class plants. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Masonite employs over seven thousand people worldwide.

Masonite was founded by an engineer and inventor William H. Mason after he discovered a more effective way to use wood in building materials. The result was the material known as Masonite. Today Masonite® is the brand that builders, remodelers, and consumers choose when creating homes of distinction with its entry and living room doors. 

From living room doors to modern classic bathroom doors Masonite doors add a distinctive style and flare that can accent a decor and even become the focus of a room.

Masonite readymade door frames and wooden doors facing have a better surface aesthetic appearance when considering primer coverage, hide mud cracks, and blocking/fiber transfer. Primer adhesion is best in class. Masonite Door Facings are boiling water-resistant as specified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) no disintegration after continuous 4 hours of boiling therefore strong enough to face drastic Indian weather changes.

Masonite readymade door frames and wooden doors also have better water resistance – Again unlike others who publish a wide range for certain properties, (i.e. EMC 5-11%) Masonite skins don’t exceed 6%. 

For more information on Prefabricated Doors visit S.M Corporation is the exclusive technology and brand partner for Masonite in India.

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